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As CEO of Walking my Revolution am I on a mission to reach millions of people to start walking their own personal road of change, personal development and self-healing with much more ease and far more profound results in lesser time. With Walking my Revolution, I provide my clients with tools, information and services which enables them to take control over life’s and personal growth without having to dive deep into the issues and yet being able to transform them at such levels that automatically the way they speak, act, think and feel shifts with it.
The different branches of Walking my Revolution offer you books, e-books, online programs, events, coaching, readings, healings and meditations as ways to help you to clear your blocks in the most effective way. So that you can lift yourself and your life to the next level and expand your joy, love, peace of mine, contentment, abundance and love to much more profound levels than you ever thought possible.

Marleen te Vaanholt gives you the chance to use her expertise in personal development and her unique, very informative Inter-View Method in order to get more out yourself, your life and/or your bussiness. With both her services for you as person or your company she has helped thouasands of people to get more out of their lives. And with her special Crystal Healings she has even a reach of over 2 billion people.

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