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IMN events are your opportunity to learn from key thought-leaders and technical experts who are shaping the future. We welcome you to the crypto-financial world. Tokens/Coins, wallets, exchanges, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and even blockchains themselves are undergoing significant evolution which will impact how you participate in this industry.

Silvija Popovic

Powerhouse business woman who draws on over 15 years of educational experience and personal development training to bring her clients the instruction and advice they need to thrive. Currently based in Germany, Silvija is fluent in six languages and comes originally from Croatia . Speaks all over the world, teaching individuals, small businesses and corporate how to achieve personal and financial success. Silvija is also founder of first educational organization for Women in Blockchain International, where she help women to understand blockchain and how to invest in Cryptocurrency.

Ronald Rietveld

Did you know that Cyber Security is the foundation for Bitcoin and Blockchain technology?

Ron Rietveld is an Authority in Cyber Security, protecting big enterprise like e.g. ABN AMRO, ING Bank. Ahold, the Dutch Government and Senior advisor to a European Cyber Security program. He is meeting with millionaires & celebrities like e.g. Steve Woznick the Apple co-founder, Mark Rutte prime minister of the Netherlands, many seek his help and advice.

He was skeptical about Bitcoin & crypto currencies at first, but after months of research he started investing in crypto currencies and Blockchain technology, now on track to become a crypto millionaire.

His mission is to empower 1.000.000 people with a non-technical background to benefit & profit too. Explaining and demonstrating crypto & blockchain in easy step by steps, anyone can do. So anyone who takes action now, can potentially retire early in 3-5 years.

Jeremy Prasetyo

Talk Title: Crypto Craze – how to mine your crypto-wealth and build a lifetime passive income stream in under 24 hours.

The future is digital. Jeremy Prasetyo is a cryptocurrency and property investor, international speaker and world champion athlete. In the corporate world, awarded by the CEO with the President’s Club Award for outstanding performance, Jeremy was a Top Sales Person in the biggest telecommunication company in the world (NTT), managing a the largest 2-digit million euro portfolio for the company. Together with his wife Valerie, they not only won the World Championship as athletes in dance-sport in 2012 & 2014, but are now building a worldwide business together to dominate the crypto world – they specialize in passive wealth creation through cryptocurrency and other assets, managing clients from 5 continents. CryptoGold mining allows you to purchase shares in mining hardware without having to deal with complex hardware and software. We are a team of Mining experts with their own mining hardware.  Cryptogold

Eugen Rosenmeier

curriculum vitae

33 years old, married, one daughter.

In the financial and insurance industry since 2004. Team trainings, workshops and more since 2005. 2008 – 2015 I established 4 incorparations and several limiteds s in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with 2 friends. Already in the first year I had a turnover of 12 million EUR. In 2015/2016 I set up a Facebook Marketing Academy with a colleague, which he later continued on his own. In the first two months we made 500.000€ turnover. In 2016/2017 I started in the blockchain and crypto industry and built a team of over 30,000 people internationally, made my first million in the field and today I do 3 different business: Bitcoin and Mining, ICO Consulting, Trend Marketing Coaching.

André Kämpfer

1999 -12/2009 one of the most successful PKV producers in Germany. Top 10 in own turnover. Most successful organisational director. Most successful and fastest Sales Director. Most successful and fastest General Director with power of attorney. More than €54 million brokered volume

11/2010 until today Specialization in Crypto Currencys. Special area training and sales and mining. Brokered volume to date, over €65 million

1999 -12/2009 one of the most successful PKV producers in Germany. Top 10 in own turnover

  • Most successful organisational director
  • Most successful and fastest Sales Director
  • Most successful and fastest General Director with power of attorney, more than €54 million brokered volume

11/2010 until today Specialization in Crypto CurrencysSpecial area training and sales and mining. Brokered volume to date, over €65 million

Kees de Vos

Kees has more than 15 years’ global leadership experience, specialising in mobile, eCommerce & multichannel retail technology. Kees’ niche is in applying leading-edge technologies to existing business models and disrupt the status quo. Almost 20 years ago he was one of the first to introduce digital technology into offline retail in the UK, where he delivered the first enterprise scale ‘Click & Collect’ offering for Argos, which transformed it a multi-billion multi-channel powerhouse. Following on from this, he worked with leading retailers and brands globally to help define and implement their digital commerce strategy, including the likes of WalMart, Tesco, Adidas and Nespresso.

He subsequently joined hybris to help it grow into the world’s leading e-commerce platform provider and was part of the team that sold the business to SAP for $1.5Bn. Most recently Kees joined MobileBridge, a Dutch mobile marketing company, which is looking to disrupt the loyalty and marketing market using blockchain. The company launched its own Initial Coin Offering (, which, following Kees’ habits: a more unconventional route in the crypto world. The proposition is squarely focused on resolving well known challenges in the loyalty market; the consumer can’t earn or redeem loyalty points easily enough and are therefore largely ineffective.

During his talk Kees will explain how MobileBridge Momentum will use blockchain and cryptocurrencies to not only make loyalty programs more attractive, but also how it will change marketing by rewarding customers with crypto-currencies for supporting their favourite brands. The Momentum Token will be one of the first crypto-currencies that is backed by global brands and retailers.


Jan Robert Schutte

Jan Robert Schutte (1971) is a popular speaker in the area of Crypto Currency Trading and ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings). He has been active in the equity and derivatives markets since 1996 and was an options trader at the Amsterdam Options Exchange. From 2000 to 2004 Jan Robert worked at BinckBank and specialized himself in derivatives spread trading and Crypto Currency Trading.

Jan Robert is co-founder of OptieAcademy (2011) and CryptoAcademy (2017) and has coached thousands of investors as a technical trader/coach. Jan Robert has an extensive international professional network in the area of Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and ICO’s. He is also a member of various Advisory Boards of Dutch and foreign ICO’s.

In 2017 Jan Robert, together with Harry Klip and Hans van den Boogaard, founded the CryptoAcademy is the number 1 Dutch-speaking community where you learn how to make money with cryptocurrencies. , your bridge to cryptoworld.

Harry Klip

Harry Klip studied business economics in Groningen and started in 1990 as a derivative trader at Euronext. After working years for market parties, he founded his own market makers company in the late ‘ 90. In addition, he trained option traders for ALL options and Hak options and was also an option analyst at RTLZ television programme. At Sigma Derivatives and Today’s brokers he was director.

In 2011 He won the exchange game at RTLZ and founded OptieAcademy. There he trained hundreds of investors and managed his own option portfolio with 86% return in 4 years. He wrote an ebook: how to trade options as a pro. In 2017 he cofounded CryptoAcademy where he trained private investors in cryptocoins.

In 2017 Harry, together with Jan Robert Schutte and Hans van den Boogaard, founded the

 CryptoAcademy is the number 1 Dutch-speaking community where you learn how to make money with cryptocurrencies., your bridge to cryptoworld.

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Hans van den Boogaard

Hans van den Boogaard has been active in trading on various financial markets for more than 10 years, testing many strategies and methodologies and ultimately specialised in trading on the basis of Price Action. Besides being a trader, he is also an inspiring Coach&Counselor and has helped hundreds of clients and aspiring traders with solving problems in the field of discipline, skills and learning how to deal with the tensions and emotions that trading financial brings with it.

Hans regularly speaks at seminars and trading meetings and gives training courses on Price Action and Psychology. In 2017 Hans, together with Harry Klip and Jan Robert Schutte, founded the CryptoAcademy is the number 1 Dutch-speaking community where you learn how to make money with cryptocurrencies., your bridge to cryptoworld.



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