The International Millionaires Network is a business club of positive-minded entrepreneurs. We operate in different countries and are a growing community. Especially during the Masterminds, we find opportunities to help each other on the way to success. At the IMN, all members respect each other, regardless of what (political) color, size, income, believe, or gender we are. We love our freedom and have understood that you need at least a million to not depend on others.

In 2016, the world’s number one business coach JTFOXX founded IMN. Inge Mous and Roland Mustert were chairs of IMN Amsterdam for the first two years. They were succeeded by Eric Bakker. Claudia Ziegler-Zech has been Chair of IMN Amsterdam since October 2019.

In addition to meetings at locations, the online community has existed since 2020, making it easy for entrepreneurs to join the global movement.

If you are interested to become a member, send us a message!