Intuitive Leadership, webinar march 18th!

IMN Amsterdam is part of the International Millionaires Network. We are a group of positive-minded entrepreneurs and help each other to succeed. Annual membership is $ 35,99 per year. In addition to the local meetings, we organize online meetings and webinars. Our members are also welcome to attend meetings organized by our chapters in other countries.

We are pleased to introduce you to IMN member Jolien Slavenburg!

The insecure time we live in, calls for wise leaders. Leaders who dare to make the difference from their core. The key is intuition. It is your wisest advisor, the one who oversees the bigger picture and which makes clear what your contribution can be.

In this webinar, you will find out what Intuitive Leadership has to offer and gives some impressions of how intuition can accelerate your decision-making process.

‘Trusting your inner compass results in personal happiness and future-based organizations.’

Jolien Slavenburg is director of Kernzaken (Core Business), bureau for Intuitive Leadership. She is an educator, leadership coach, speaker, and lector at Business University Nyenrode.