With this meeting, we wish to discuss a common issue of our time. The tickets are free whether you are a member or not.


Are you getting enough sleep but still feeling tired when you wake up?

Are you concerned and thinking too much?

Are you easily upset?

Do you feel overloaded by everything?

Do you follow a healthy lifestyle and still have little energy?

Especially for this meeting, we asked IMN members Eva Cederholm and Gabriele Zillmer to motivate and inform us!

Gabriele Zillmer is a Professional Networker, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, in the Service of Health and Humanity. She has a background as a holistic health professional and nutritionist, specializing in rejuvenation. She had her own practice in Hamburg, Germany before she moved to Copenhagen, Denmark a few years ago.

Eva Cederholm is a Business Developer, Professional Networker, Nutritionist-Health Consultant. She has worked with people to find the right balance between food and health and is specialized in finding the right nutrition for your blood type. Her two sons are professional Hockey Players in Canada. Eva is absolutely convinced that they are at the forefront because they use the right nutrition for years. Because of this success, Eva also advises other top athletes who want to fine-tune their results.

Eva and Gabriele are independent partners of the Global Partners Group with Jeunesse. Together with their team, they now mentor, coach, and help aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals all over the world to live a healthy and wealthy life.

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