How To Make That Smashing First Impression!

Debby Mureau is working as a paramedical voice and presentation coach and as a singer/voice-over. Debby teaches presenters, journalists, and news anchors at RTL and NOS and she coaches CEOs, politicians, sales teams, and customer service employees how to use their voice and nonverbal communication to speak with persuasion and influence. Debby’s books were published in 2016 and 2019. The third one, (about presenting yourself online on camera) will be published at the end of this year (Van Duuren Managementboek). 

Subconsciously we decide to trust or distrust someone’s voice and presentation in about 7 seconds. The first impression counts! Debby teaches people how to make that smashing the first impression. Likeability and influence are keywords in Debby’s job. It’s all about congruency; what do people expect to see and hear, and what are you showing? In this webinar, Debby is going to tell us all about it.

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