Saturday, December 11, online with Tony Faure, Anna Konya, and world-famous Magician Andrew Lee!

IMN member Tony Faure is the founder of the not-for-profit organization Magic Brothers World (MBW). Tony puts all his time and energy volunteering with magic for the children of the world. His main goal is to share hope and happiness with the children the most in need, especially in orphanages and for underprivileged children. The shows are funded by anyone who loves children and wants to support Tony’s charity. Would you also like to support this charity directly? Check this website and experience what happens with your generous gift: Magic Brothers World (MBW) While traveling the world with his magic show for kids, Tony meets very interesting people in the Magic-business. Usually, the artists are impressed with Tony’s idea and help him with the shows for free. So it happened that Tony, Anna and Andrew met! They decided to organize this unique online benefit show at IMN. Entrance to this online show is for free, but we really would appreciate it if visitors would like to contribute to Magic Brothers World (MBW).

Tony Faure will be YOUR host of the evening! Join us! Enjoy the Magical Programme! 

– Tony Faure about Magic Brothers World

– Andrew Lee Magic Show

– Anna Konya Abstract Art Auction

We are so excited to introduce you to the world-famous Magician Andrew Lee!

Andrew Lee is an internationally recognized Magician and
Malaysia’s Voted No.1 Magician. He started performing when he
was 16 and has since then traveled to 30 different countries to
perform. Andrew has appeared on major television networks all
across the world. His unique acts have captivated and
mesmerized audiences all across land and sea.

Garnering worldwide attention and success, Andrew Lee took
social media by storm in 2018 after his act wow-ed Britain’s Got
Talent judges, including Simon Cowell who is famed for being
difficult to impress.

Andrew Lee is the first Malaysian who was invited to perform in
the 2019 London New Year’s Day Parade (LNYDP). He started the
year by blowing away 650,000 people who attended the LNYDP.
The parade was televised to home and Facebook viewers.

Anna Konya closes the meeting with the auction of her colorful abstract art!

For Anna, drawing represents a vital part of the healing process, and her message is that expressing your feelings through art or writing can have a massive impact on your health and wellbeing. Her purpose in life is to help people in need, people who suffer in silence and think that is no hope, Anna wants to help them believe again. Help them see their present situation from a different view. 

Anna’s artwork is colorful, with deep messages. All positive and vibrating. Anna believes that each of her works was done not just for her to heal, but also to bring joy in someone’s life.