Boss UP Your Life And Finances – Stella Vaz

February 11th, 4:00pm Amsterdam – ONLINE Webinar

Are you busy or in business?

We all are being there. We get caught in the day-to-day activities that we lose focus on what the most to us. What makes us happy on a deeper level. We need to stop making excuses for just existing and truly start living instead. Money contributes greatly to our happiness.

So how to go about making this change? 

How can you, Boss up your Life and Finances?

Join the web class and get introduced to IMN member Stella Vaz! She is a Project Leader, works as a Financial Consultant. Stella created the EPIC Financial Roadmap among other products and is the founder of ALLETS Network.

Stella is passionate about empowering outstanding people, in particular females’ solopreneurs to build a healthy relationship with money. So that they can build a more sustainable business, live their best lives, and improve their overall health. Stella does it systematically, intentionally, and by giving her all. That is how Stella will honor your time, energy, and effort. 

This web class is fully packed with valuable and insightful information about how to start planning for the financial future that you want to see. Stella will teach you four simple steps that will help you create a dynamic financial plan. I recommend you bring a pen and paper.
What will you learn?
– Identify your deepest needs.
– Understand how your finances are structured.
– Understand and discover your investment options.
– Discover how to build a secure portfolio.
– And much more…

Stella wants you to congrats yourself for taking your time to invest in yourself especially when you have such a dynamic life.

Looking forward to connecting with you!