Joyce Gioia – How Positive Experiences Will Drive your Profit into the Future!

We know that positive experiences drive profit—from customers, employees, vendors, and investors. When relationships work, everybody has less stress, and companies make more money. But what contributes to these positive experiences? What are people looking for in an organization they choose to do business with, be hired by, or invest in? Armed with this information, you will make better decisions and allocate engagement dollars where they will have the optimum effect because you will know what really drives profit. In this fast-paced and interactive learning experience, you will . . .

  • Explore what stakeholder groups seek in a business partner—and how to deliver the experiences that will win over the best
  • Understand what is important to employees, customers, and others important to your success in the future
  • And how you can use the new technologies to engage and retain, find out how organizations will coordinate all of the activities of their various divisions.

If you want to stay on top of what’s coming in the realms of marketing, HR, and Ops, this information will make you more successful and profitable as you move into the future.

Your Speaker, Joyce Gioia [joy-ah], MBA, CSP, CMC

Having literally written the book on how to deliver great experiences, Gioia is considered an expert on the future of the workforce and workplace. As a Certified Management Consultant, Certified Speaking Professional, and Business Futurist, she has served clients in 32 countries, 47 states of the United States, and on seven continents, including SAP, BP, MetLife, American Honda, and P&G. In 2013, USA TODAY named Gioia their “First Road Warrior of the Year”. She is a sought-after speaker, who is often quoted in the US national media, including TIMEForbesIndustry WeekThe Christian Science Monitor, and The Wall Street Journal. With an MBA from Fordham University and two other master’s degrees, she is regularly called upon to speak for association and corporate conferences. Gioia is the author of the three bestselling business books, hundreds of articles on the human side of enterprise, and loves sharing her understandings of what works (and what doesn’t) with her audiences.

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